Wildlife on my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

This week I have been on my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award expedition in the Long Mynd area of Shropshire (I think I’ve been getting mixed up and telling people it’s in South Wales by accident!). We had to walk for three days (camping for two nights) and our expedition aim was “to create postcard designs using our surroundings.”

Here are some of the postcards we made:

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But still the first thing I did when I arrived was get mad at all the misconceptions on the wildlife posters in the building! For example the two that most annoyed me:

  • only about 5% of a hedgehog’s diet is slugs so why is it listed, when beetles (a major part of the diet) isn’t?
  • why does it say that moths fly at night when not all of them do? For example cinnabar moths, six-spot burnets and hummingbird hawkmoths all fly during the daytime!

Yes, I know I’m just being pedantic but it really gets on my nerves because these posters are supposed to be educational!

Moving on…

There was a second Silver group who chose identifying nature as their aim, which was probably not a sensible idea for them because although they had a birder in the group, most of them didn’t have any ID knowledge even to the extent of being able to identify a foxglove. I may have accidentally told them that gorse was ragwort (I didn’t take a very good look at the photo) but I also got really jealous because they saw a red grouse.

View from the top of a hill on Day 1

View from the top of a hill on Day 1

Along the journey we came across a herd of cows that followed us all the way to the gate, which was amusing because one member of our group really dislikes cows and disappeared rather quickly up the road as soon as we were out of the field.

"I think he's going to start gnawing through there so maybe we should leave now."

“I think he’s going to start gnawing through there so maybe we should leave now…”

birdsfoot trefoil

birdsfoot trefoil

We didn’t see much in the way of wild animals, but in terms of plants we saw birdsfoot trefoil (yellow flower in the pea family), common hogweed (now I know why it’s called COMMON hogweed), lots of heather, and what I’m pretty sure was teasel.

Going down a valley on Day 3

Going down a valley on Day 3

For my Gold expeditions in September I am sailing on the west coast of Scotland. It should be really good although I’m a bit nervous about it, because I’ve only done sailing once and that was with Scouts, so I just pulled on the ropes I was told to pull and didn’t actually learn how to sail!

You can read about some of the other expeditions I’ve done here:

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    1. Ecology Liz Post author

      Thanks! We did do a lot more than the three postcards on here, but the other members of the group took them home so I can’t photograph them. Do you have a favourite?

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